We build long term relationships through our multiple supply channels with the Owners, Skippers, Crew Members, Auctions and Port suppliers that we work with.

Fal fish boxes at Brixham market

Located in the heart of Cornwall, we are in the perfect position to source the freshest day boat and short trip fish.

There are over 70 ports, harbours and coves located along the 700-mile-long South West coastline providing access to the uniquely diverse ultra-mixed South West fishery. Working with vessels ranging in length from under 10-meters to over 30 meters fishing in the clean, cool waters off the South West coast. Our location also offers strong transport links to the rest of the UK and Europe ensuring the shortest time from catch to customer.

Direct vessels

Since the inception of Falfish in 1979 we have kept our focus on nurturing strong, long-term relationships with owners, skippers and crews of fishing vessels. The vessels we work with land their total catch direct to us, many of which have continued to work with us through second generation families thanks to the consistent service level we provide.

Our team keep in contact with skippers, so we are aware of fishing patterns, enabling us to keep our customers informed of market opportunities and ensure all fish that is landed is of the utmost quality and delivered to our factory in the shortest possible time.

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Fal Fish team checking fish at Brixham fish market

Fish Auctions

Our expert buyers source from the 3 South West fish markets:

  • Newlyn
  • Plymouth
  • Brixham

We have four decades of sourcing experience. Falfish has long established supply partnerships in ports around the South Coast, Wales, Scotland and other key UK ports and auctions.

Seabass and Seabream

We have been importing aquaculture reared Bass and Bream for over 15 years and have always led the way with responsible sourcing. Working with our trusted, welfare approved European Farmed fish partner Ilknak to source farmed Bass and Bream throughout the week optimising shelf life. The fully vertically integrated farm we work with is certified to ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, Friends of the Sea and Global Gap accreditation and are audited to ensure they are operating to the highest standards.

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Years of Pelagic heritage

Fal Fish South West Coast Map

Sourced from 700 miles of South West coastline


Partner Vessels