FalFish - from Sea to Plate


We are committed to sustainability and social responsibility to secure healthy fish stocks for all to enjoy for generations to come.  We believe actions speak louder than words and underpin this commitment with meaningful actions throughout the whole operation.  Whether it be working with fishermen and scientists on a range of sustainability initiatives (see below), meeting ambitious re-cycling targets, reducing factory discharge or engaging  in educational outreach to local schools and colleges.

Sustainability initiatives Falfish is engaged in

  • Falfish were one of the first companies awarded chain of custody for MSC Cornish hand line Mackerel
  • Falfish part-funded MSC Bristol Channel Ray accreditation process
  • Falfish is a pro-active supporter of the Scallop Good Practice Guide via the Scallop Association and is part of the MSC Channel Scallop Group
  • Falfish are members of the Cornish Sardine Management Association which manages the MSC certified Cornish Sardine fishery , which also has PGI status
  • Falfish supplies evidence and information to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP)
  • Falfish supports the Hastings MSC Dover Sole fishery
  • Falfish recycles over 80% of its waste streams & supports reduction of packaging weight
  • Falfish has supported many fishing vessels through the Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS)
  • Falfish is SEDEX registered to share ethical data, enabling continuous improvement in ethical performance